3D Printing Services

What We Offer


We manufacture additive manufacturing machines for various Industries. Our product range varies from build volumes of 200 cubic millimeters to 1500 cubic millimeters. From the Automobile to the education industry, our machines are manufacturing over 1000 parts on any given day.

3D Printing Services

With 2 fully functional 3D printing farms and 45+ industrial-grade machines running simultaneously, we focus on producing quality 3D Printed affordable parts with quick delivery. We have 4 technologies in combination with 50+ different materials that make our services perfect for a huge group of different industries.

3D Designing Services

We have a dedicated experienced design team that have helped many ideas become products. We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and help visionaries create their ideas from design to final products.

Production Services

Using Vacuum casting, soft-tooling and hard tooling we plan and take over your manufacturing tasks.

How it works?

Why us?

Having served more than 300 companies, We have gained the industrial experience that is necessarily required for world-class outputs. From MNCs to startups, We have helped companies generate more revenue by taking care of the design, prototypes and production of their products. Our wide range of materials and technologies free our designers of any worries about manufacturing. Our pledge is to provide our clients with world-class products and We aspire to attain 100% customer satisfaction.
Experienced Designers and regularly upgraded machines make us your perfect 3D Printing service provider.
Quality Service, client satisfaction are the cornerstones of 3D Paradise. We make technology affordable for you.
Our machines come with on-site warranty and an option to extend it. Our support engineers are incentivised to serve your better.
We provide downtime support to our clients if any repairs take time.